Salt and Sugar Packaging

Salt and sugar is the most utilized ingredients in most of the dishes we prepare and they are consumed by so many people in many households around the globe. Salt and sugar are prone to have moisture intrusion and they turn into small beads due to the water contents in the air. So they need excellent quality and leakage proof salt and sugar packaging solutions.

We have been providing a wide array of excellent quality and leakage proof plastic spout caps in variety of sizes, attractive colours and shapes as per the requirements of our clients and they are useful of various applications including

  • Sea Salt Packaging
  • Gourmet Sea Salt Packaging
  • Granulated Sugar Packaging
  • Powdered Sugar Packaging
  • Iodized Salt Packaging
  • Brown Sugar Packaging

Our qualitative range spout caps are applied as the secure closure of several salt and sugar packaging containers like bottles or pouches and provide protection to salt and sugar from any type of contamination vapor, moisture and odors. These spout caps offer leakage free and easy to pour and fill application of sugar and salt. So our plastic spout caps for salt and sugar packaging are highly convenient, safe and durable at the point of secure storage and transportation.