Beverages Packaging

The market of beverages is growing very faster and beverages have differing needs in regards with storage and the most important element of beverages packaging is simply that it should be leakage proof. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans and spout pouches would be the most popular medium for beverages packaging. We have been providing durable and easy to use beverage caps, which would be the most reliable and leakage proof closure for any types of beverage bottles or pouches. We offer a wide range of plastic spout caps, which are available in different sizes, colours and shapes as per your given specifications and they are useful for several applications including

  • Wine Packaging
  • Soft Drinks Packaging
  • Whisky Packaging
  • Energy Drinks Packaging
  • Beer Packaging and lots more.

Our plastic spout caps are manufactured utilizing several superior grade materials and latest technology so they are durable and long lasting. They provide secure and leakage proof storage and transportation of the beverages. Moreover, we offer our spout caps at the most affordable and industry leading prices within the market.